Beauty is the theme of the next seasonal phase, Autumn Equinox

On the Autumn Equinox, the opposing forces of Yin and Yang come into balance as the the length of day and the length of night become equal. When two opposing forces are in harmony, beauty is created, and as nature comes into elemental balance during this time of the year, the beauty of the natural world leaps out.

Beauty is the theme of the next seasonal phase, Autumn Equinox. But what spiritual function does beauty serve and how can you access that quality to align with nature and enrich your life?

In a word, beauty opens the door to love. Beauty may take the form of another human, a sunset, or a work of art. Whatever the medium through which beauty is perceived, if we are moved by beauty, the heart opens and we experience gratitude, joy, and a deep sense of well-being. Beauty relieves stress, melts away tension, and creates balance and harmony. It is easier to experience sympathy, tenderness, and care inside a beautiful moment. Beauty draws out our inner sweetness.

Allow the beauty of nature to inspire more beauty in your life. That could mean enhancing your physical presentation and making yourself more pleasing. Or bringing harmony to the way that you communicate. The words “please” and “thank you” are welcome this time of the year. Becoming more gracious, accommodating and ready to compromise are sound strategies. Privilege harmony over conflict. Say “yes” more times than you say “no” and you will resonate with the seasonal mood.

Pay special attention to the sunsets over the next two weeks. Nightfall during Autumn Equinox is an especially powerful time. Spend a few moments meditating with the beauty of dusk on the power of love. Allow the magic of the moment to open your heart. Intentions set at this time will help you shape the world in a meaningful way.

~Robert Peng, Seasonal Qigong Series: Autumn Equinox Empowerment

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