The heart of a lion

RhapsodyBohème’s story about an abused dog she rescued is a real tearjerker but well worth reading.

Rhapsody Bohème

Nikki came into my life as she was nearly two years old and I feel extremely blessed that I could rescue her from her abusive owners. At the time I didn’t know that she came from a violent home and I only knew the apartment situation that would lead to the separation from her original owners. Soon enough her dramatic past revealed itself and I discovered the struggles this poor little baby had endured. From being chained and staked in the backyard, to a prior broken leg from abuse, her fear of water due to almost drowning at the hands of her owners, her food aggression and fear of humans, I won’t go into too many details to relive this horror. I always felt extremely lucky to have been the one able to turn her little precious life around and give her a reason to live to say the least.Besides…

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  1. kkessler833 says:

    Great post and picture!

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