On friendship


“We knew the desolation of great heights
And the contentment of deep valleys.
We saw the moon leap silver from the mountain peaks
And watched the red sun rise in a welter of mists on the
far horizon.
We knew the white, swift decline of vast snow-fields
And the small beauty of forest flowers.
Our dreams rose with the smoke of our camp fires in
the wilderness,
And our friendship glowed with the embers of fir fires.
We shared hunger, thirst, and the great struggle toward
the mountain tops
As we shared the peace, good food, and pleasant rest
of our night camps.
All these things entered into the pattern of our friendship
and made it fine.
These things we knew together,
And these things I will remember.
(From “Vagabond’s House,” Don Blanding, 1894-1957: poet, author, artist, actor, vagabond, Hawaiian Poet Laureate)

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