TIFF Film Review: “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”

Robert Keaton Maxwell

You want spooks? This one’s got ’em in spades.janedoeposter.jpgThe Autopsy of Jane Doe is a pants-shitter unlike any other this year. Filled with forty-five minutes of nonstop, gruesome morgue body-splicing and another forty five of psychological trauma, this one ain’t for the faint of heart. Those afraid of internal organ slicing, steer clear.

Without spoiling anything, it’s a father-and-son horror flick that breaks some pretty standard genre conventions, making it a LOT more tense than, say, Lights Out which is predictable from start to finish. Safety’s not an option in this movie–and the angle for the madness revealed to be the cause by the end of the flick is an interesting twist on an already spine-chilling hour and a half.

-Utterly brutal morgue content
-Tight, clever script
-Great actors
-Fantastic horror genre convention overturns
-Genuinely tense

-Almost pissed myself

While it wasn’t quite scary enough to give me nightmares…

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