Does Obama WANT to lose?

From the convention (where Bill Clinton showed more enthusiasm for Obama’s nomination than Obama did) to last night’s debate to a very lackluster re-electioncampaign, my gut says Obama doesn’t want to be in the White House until 2016.  (Maybe because his wife, Michele, so clearly detests D.C.?  Why isn’t she out stumping for votes like she did in 2008?)

I can easily imagine Dem voters not showing up at the polls next month and Republicans winning due to Democrats’ apathy, best exhibited by Obama himself.

4 thoughts on “Does Obama WANT to lose?

  1. Obama is not trying to lose, he just doesn’t care if he loses. Consider these points … He was the first Black President. He won a Nobel Peace Prize. He pushed through Universal Health Care. He nailed Bin Laden. He prevented another Great Depression. He appointed two more women to the Supreme Court. He ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The Arab Spring happened on his watch. Drone attacks have become our new way to kill without being killed. He extended the Bush Tax Cuts. And dont forget Dodd-Frank and even the Dream-Act (by Executive Order).
    These deeds will not go away or be undone. At a bullet chart level they are significant, whether you were for them or against them. On the whole I am disappointed — but that is not the question. Surely Obama must feel pleased and know he would not be able to achieve 1/10 as much in another term.
    I must say, most of those achievements did not go far enough or have costs that outweigh the benefits. Whether Obama comprehends the unintended consequences or thinks things are just peachy, his resume will never look better.
    That fact that not a single Democrat had the courage or fire to oppose Obama (as Gene McCarthy opposed Lyndon Johnson) allowed this to happen.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head — Obama doesn’t care if he loses. I sense that he and Michele have had enough of the White House and would be happy to move back to Chicago and rake in big $$$ from the lecture circuit, consultancies, and books.

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