30 thoughts on “It’s God’s Job to Judge the Terrorists…

  1. That is a really dumb billboard. Not only does it illegally and incorrectly represent the Marine Corps as an institution that’s carrying out a religious-based mission but it’s offensive to those of us serving in uniform that don’t believe in religion.

    I’m not entirely sure that is a real picture but if it is, it will likely be removed in short order because no private organization – certainly not a church – is allowed to speak on our behalf.


  2. It’s just a bumper sticker/t-shirt slogan. It’s shopped into the billboard image. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone WANTED to put this up, the USMC wouldn’t. And they would never condone anyone stamping USMC on anything unauthorized. So, this is fake. And if anyone ever erected one like it, it’s illegal, too. The billboard owners would know that, too, and not put it up. Just fake, that’s all.


    • Just an FYI. Many moons ago, I once purchased a t-shirt for my 4 year old son from the PX that read. ‘KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMIE” Perhaps we were not so politically correct back then.


  3. Semper fi! This is probably fake but I think we should put these up everywhere. For those of you who are not supporters of the men and women in uniform get the fuck out of our country you disrespectful bastards. For those of you who call us child killers and rapists, you are very ignorant and should be locked up. The men and women in uniform gave you the right to say these hurtful things. Whether you agree with the war or not respect and thank our troops. Did I want to say goodbye to my family when I was deployed? No! Most of you will never know what that is like and how tough that is. Ask yourself what have I done to earn my freedom? Most of you have done absolutely nothing so shut your mouths!!!


    • First of all, you’re the one being disrespectful. Second, no one has to get out of the country simply because they don’t support the troops. Third, locking people up for expressing their beliefs would be absolutely un-American and in violation of the very Constitution you swore to uphold.

      Keep in mind that you chose to enlist and say goodbye to your family. No one forced you to go to war. You signed the contract.

      Finally, at no point did you defend anyone’s freedom. American freedom has not been at risk since 1945. Not a single durka durka in either iraq or afghanistan has ever been a threat to a single American’s right. At no point were of any of them ever capable of taking away our freedoms. If you want to argue that you defended American lives in afghanistan then at least you have a starting point, though it’s highly debatable. But not in Iraq.

      Fortunately people don’t need to earn their freedom. But maybe you should take a moment and think back to what happened 68 years ago and realize that those guys fought and died to defend freedom. No one has given me or anyone else rights, they are enumerated and protected by the same document that you and I both swore to uphold and defend.


      • Quite happy that FATTY the Ferret isnt the one protecting my freedoms or rights. If you for one minute think you could say such crap without men and women protecting it, your as ignorant as every word you wrote! EVERYDAY men and women protect you.

        You definitely must not be from New York or been on the planet for 9/11?

        Nor were you dealing with a man that was toying with NATO and the United States in trying to get inspections done in a country called Iraq. If you think for one minute that he would of just stopped at Kuwait and that those events wouldnt effect your life, you are wrong again!

        Everyone should do things to earn and protect their freedom! Whether its thanking a soldier or Marine, serving, making the ultimate sacrifice, or just plain volunteering their time to help out their nation in some way.

        My guess is that FATTY does NONE of those. That paper isnt worth shit without people actually realizing the idiosyncrasies behind what is needed to protect it!


          • If you ARE a Marine, then you didnt go to the bootcamp I know of my beloved Corps. If you actually stepped on those yellow footprints, you would begin to know HISTORY and how small the world is. You talk as if you almost want to live as an isolationist… thinking that we are not part of the world economy. If you ARE deployed, go to the library and read some history devil pup! If you ARE a Marine and really feel what your saying is true, talk to your chaplain or your OIC as your a danger to your fellow brothers and sisters in arms!


            • Amen Semper Fi!! Sounds to me like Fatty Ferret needs to join the rest of the idiots down range.. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that short phrase “it’s God’s job to judge the enemy, it’s our job to arrange the meeting” through bootcamp…


        • Truth hurts doesn’t it? Stop using the military for your glory. If you want to serve, serve. Going around demanding recognition. If you’re doing it for ‘respect’ you’re doing it for yourself, not your country.


    • You shouldn’t be so angry…just because someone questions a fake billboard doesn’t mean they should leave the country…sheesh. Why would you fight for freedom of speech and then try to limit that speech? Silly boy. The marines are not allowed to use god for marketing purposes…I think that is the point…a little thing called seperation of church and state (which by the way was fought and earned for us too)…that’s all! Deep breath!


  4. This must be in Cali, I recognize that smog. This is NOT a misrepresentation of USMC values, this country is based of Christian principles. God bless America!


    • @Jenna
      While the image is humorous and satisfies something dark and full of retribution in our heats it isn’t real. You have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.
      1. Photoshop’d and not real.
      2. The branches of the military are (thankfully) not as dumb and rash as you. They wouldn’t put their troops in harm’s way by intentionally advertising something inflammatory.
      3. Again. Wrong. I need you to go back and actually read some historical writings of the period… BY the founding fathers and you will see that it most definitely was NOT founded that way.
      4. God bless America was added in the 50s, and to bless something actually (the etymology) means to bathe in blood. Again, satisfying your lust for retribution?

      In conclusion, you are deranged and delusional, uneducated, far right wing-nut who is living a lie. You are the true danger.


      • This is actually the definition of bless BTW…

        blessed or blest (blst), blessĀ·ing, blessĀ·es
        1. To make holy by religious rite; sanctify.
        2. To make the sign of the cross over so as to sanctify.
        3. To invoke divine favor upon.
        4. To honor as holy; glorify: Bless the Lord.
        5. To confer well-being or prosperity on.
        6. To endow, as with talent.

        or it seems like you prefer the Old English version which you still have wrong…

        Old English bletsian, bledsian, Northumbrian bloedsian “to consecrate, make holy, give thanks,” from Proto-Germanic *blodison “hallow with blood, mark with blood,” from *blotham “blood” (see blood).

        Originally a blood sprinkling on pagan altars. This word was chosen in Old English bibles to translate Latin benedicere and Greek eulogein, both of which have a ground sense of “to speak well of, to praise,” but were used in Scripture to translate Hebrew brk “to bend (the knee), worship, praise, invoke blessings.” Meaning shifted in late Old English toward “pronounce or make happy,” by resemblance to unrelated bliss. No cognates in other languages. Related: Blessed; blessing.


  5. Hey! I like it…I want a patch, bumper sticker and tee-shirt and mug. I believe in God…and am against war… However, ask the people in Boston right now how they feel. I thank God for our troops and police, firefighters, medics and all those that put their lives on the line every day for our safety and freedoms.


  6. The Marines not only believe in God but teach it in boot camp, God, Country, Corps. and its prioritized. We just tell the politicians what they want to here about the church n state crap so we can do our job. If you don’t believe in God or do not like him, just have a few bullets pass by or put yourself in a danger close situation and you my friend will experience a paradigm shift.


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