Why Don’t We Like Smart?

Ten Minute Missive

Two interesting things happened on Monday. Littlest and I were having lunch at a local eatery and seated next to us were  two dads. The one dad commented to the other that his daughter could be an amazing softball player if she would just be more committed to it.

And then he said, “I want her to push it so she can play softball for a good school, but all she wants to do is go to the U. and study things. Can you believe it?”

Later I removed from Littlest’s backpack the accrued homework and practice sheets from missing a week of school. Included in the stack of mostly recycling was his last reading test. I was thrilled to see he had passed it with such high marks, so I set it aside to show Mister Soandso.

The next morning, Mister Soandso took a picture of the test and…

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