Clearing your heart … using yoga

Dear gentle blog reader,

Who amongst us hasn’t been wronged? Who hasn’t lost something or someone we’ve loved? This morning, I came across this interesting blog post about healing from loss:

So in Morning Water, Evening Fire, we commit to a regular practice of the spiritual cleansing of the heart through water and fire.

The first thing to say about grief is that it is absolutely natural. Of course we grieve when loved ones pass, when relationships we treasure end, when people who we held a special place for in our hearts move on. The grieving process is an integral part of what it means to be a human being, incarnate, alive in this delicate and transient world of form.

However, there is a difference between allowing grief its place in our lives and holding so much grief in our hearts that it affects our ability to give and receive love. Grief is often spoken of in relation to water, the feeling of “drowning” in grief, the grief that “wells up” within us, and, of course, the physical manifestation of grief, in which we literally shed our own water in the act of crying. As much as a good cry can help clear our hearts, we do not want the waters of our hearts to be choked or inundated with grief. When we wallow in grief, we dampen the fires of our hearts, and as that primal flame diminishes we become depressed and we become sick.

Modern western psychotherapy places a lot of emphasis on the importance of the cathartic release of grief, and while it is true that it is vital to be able to access the grief we might have over a situation, it is just as important to actively work to clear it so we’re not holding it unnecessarily.

Accessing grief is not the same as clearing grief.

Here’s a link to the rest of the blog post:
Josh Schrei: Morning Water, Evening Fire: The Yoga of Clearing Resentment & Grief

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