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Speckled Mousebird (Colius striatus)

Originally posted on Our Rumbling Ocean:

Endemic to Africa, this specie is fairly unicolor grey, with a rufous belly. Still they are always good to see, just because they tend to hang on branches, rather than sit on it. 3-DSC_0717Usually in small groups, when you see them. Although I read nowhere about the blueish tint around the eye, still looks like it to me. They love fruit trees, both in the garden and wild. The hanging with the belly out is also called “sunning.”

7-DSC_0756Long tail to complete the picture and a nice crest.


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Introverts Unite!…Separately, In Your Own Homes.

Originally posted on Free Thinking Author:

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So I’m an Introvert, what exactly does that mean?

Does it mean I’m shy? The answer is not really. I’m a rather social person, I like to interact with people socially. Do I have social anxiety when it comes to large crowds of people or unfamiliar situations? The answer is yes.

I get lonely rather easily, and seek out the company of other people. I tend to feel social pressures more than extroverts, I find that I need time alone to think. If I had a choice between a wild party and a good book, I would choose the book. I’d choose a quiet evening or a good movie than the hustle and bustle of a raging club. I’d choose writing over packed restaurants and bars.

I am a homebody.



I wouldn’t…

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