Poison In The Garden?

Originally posted on Town & Country Gardening:

Another Opinion: Some flowering bulbs can carry significant doses of pesticides that were used to produce them.

These chemicals may be systemic chemicals which infiltrate the plant from top to bulb root. Poisoning its sap so that any sap sucking, leaf or root eating pests are killed. No part of a plant is spared; these pesticides may also taint pollen and nectar. Meaning that beneficial insects, such as bees are also at risk of poisoning as they forage for food.

This collateral damage that is ringing alarm bells among scientists studying the effects of systemics on insects. The chemicals currently under intense scrutiny are those known as neonicotinoids, or “neonics”, which kill by targeting insects’ nervous systems.

Recent studies with both honeybees and bumblebees showed that they actually preferred food laced with neonics despite the fact that it caused them to eat less.
Neonics may move into your garden soil…

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