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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ISN’T Fun?

Originally posted on gamerrob:

When I first played Skyrim on the Xbox 360, it completely blew my mind and shattered all the barriers I had previously associated with gaming. Hundreds of hours of unique content? An end-game that never ended? Limitless opportunities to become the ultimate mage-warrior-assassin killing machine? Skyrim seemed pretty sweet during that initial one hundred hour playthrough. Skyrim-Dragon1

Fast-forward a little over two years later, I decide to pick it up on PC in the form of the Legendary Edition, so I’d have access to the Dragonborn DLC I’d never had the opportunity to play. Well, being a busier person than I was then, I realized that another one hundred hour playthrough just wasn’t happening. So, I decided to do a little modding (PC master race benefits apply) and got myself back to where I was two years ago on the Xbox inside of around thirty minutes on the PC. I was…

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