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Review of Depression Quest for PC — The Worst Game Ever?

Originally posted on gamerrob:

While the attempt at making a game that simulates depression in earnest serves as a valiant effort, the product and fruit of the developer’s labor is one of the most abysmal games I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. I’ve actually had a headache for six hours now since playing it.

You play as a generic guy living a decent life who just refuses to be happy at anything. You then continue through the text-based journey, occasionally selecting options that will nine times out of ten lead to your character being even more depressing and bitchy. And what’s worse is that all of the situations he’s faced with aren’t even depressing, they’re just things that he makes worse for himself by being a self-absorbed mope. 

Anyway, you can choose every “ask friend for mental help” option and somehow cure your imaginary depression (supposedly my friend did it). But in all…

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