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The Charm of Simplicity

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat Nibada:


I have possessed nothing
In my short life, but have on occasion
Been the unworthy messenger

Of confined love, or idealism
And a sense of hope
For the future, but aren’t
Other creatures so, is this not
The destiny of youth?

I have loved and been caught
In the energy of a generation
That changed so much, not

Changing the world, but
Altering their destiny with it
Good is not good, unlesse
We refuse the curse of invirtue
To be virtuous is sometimes

To stand alone, simple and profound
Deare love of goodness
For nothing lesse than thee

Would I have broke these happy dreams
That made a dreamer out of me
To be possessed by a divinity real
In my short life, to charm
Fabled histories and enter peace.

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I’m black. Nothing special about that right?

Originally posted on Black and Dixi:

I live in a tiny country somewhere in Europe with a population of about 17 million people, predominantly white. I’m black. Nothing special about that right?

Not starting a racial discussion right now, but i have noticed one or two things that are, well, interesting.

For instance. Stepping into a train and sitting next to someone and the person starts speaking English to me instead of the local language. Ok….

And when I do speak the local language: “Wow! You really don’t have a foreign accent at all, you are so well spoken! How come?

Or when someone asks me directions, their articulation changes from normal to kindergarten level hoping, that way, I will understand. Doo-yoou-knoow-the-wayyy…(uses sign language).

What about going for a job interview (after their diversity policy forced them to overlook the ethnic sound of my surname) and having four big eyes staring at you whiles you…

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